A thought on appreciation

‘Relaxation means this moment is more than enough, more than can be asked and expected.’ – Osho.

Today has been a day of little pleasures.

One of my favourite things to do is simply sit in the garden and look up at the birds flying and the planes passing by and the clouds and looking up into infinity and watching the bees busy at work. I feel extremely relaxed when I do this, simply appreciating nature and the earth and life and the beauty of it all. Simply thinking outside of myself. Something so small makes me so so happy and doing this today, got me thinking about enjoying the little things.

I have a desire for a simple life but I think what that really translates to, is a life full of the little things. A life full of simple appreciation, of enjoying the slow pace of life and savouring every breath. This now makes me realise that I have nothing to strive for, I can have a simple life of appreciation right now, I can enjoy the little things right now, I can be happy, right now. What’s that saying, be happy now and the rest will follow? Well I truly believe that.

I have all I need right now and anything else that comes along is more than could be asked for, more than expected…


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