Unexpected benefits I’ve discovered of decluttering

photo (2)


Despite only decluttering a few small areas so far, I am already reaping the benefits.

The best thing about decluttering, is finding things you thought you had lost. Even better if you were contemplating having to replace them. It’s a bit like that Charmed episode where they wish everything they ever lost would come back and a sea of lost pens surrounds them. In one cupboard I cleared out this week, I found some shirts my dad wanted and a lamp we were looking for for the living room. We no long need a new lamp, we can just reuse this one and dad gets some shirts. The obvious other benefit being that that cupboard is now clear and organised.

Less is more, it actually true. For example having less clothes actually gives you more choice because you can see all your options and there aren’t so many options that you’re overwhelmed by it all. Properly organising my wardrobe last year was the best clothing decision I’ve ever made. I could list from memory every item and everything goes together so mornings and packing are now simpler than ever.

Third benefit; a place to store floater items. We all have those items that just don’t have a home, so you just end up creating a junk draw for them or they always just get left somewhere. Chargers were always my culprits but now they have a loving home and I no longer trip over them.

It also makes other people happy, not just people you live with because it’s tidy but you also find lots of stuff to give away to friends and family and also lots of things to donate to charity. I’ve got lots of cosmetics to give to friends, have a big box of boot sale items, that will be made good use of in other people’s homes and I even cleared my old laptop and made it suitable for my mum, so she’ll no longer spend all day shouting at her painfully slow, snails paced one.

Minimalism is turning out to have lots of hidden perks I didn’t expect. The only down fall so far is once you start organising, the rest of the house is a mess whilst things are waiting to be donated or be stored in other cupboards you haven’t sorted through yet. *Sigh* I suppose it does keep the cleaning ball rolling though.


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