Goodbye chemicals | Transition into natural cosmetics.

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Even when I was a child I perused the backs of cosmetic bottles; baffled by the amount of weird and wonderful ingredients needed just to keep my hair silky. I would think about a time before proctor and gamble and what people did then to keep clean, there must have been a simpler way.

It turns out, there are much simpler ways and it still confuses me today why we rarely question putting 100’s of chemicals on our bodies, daily. I’m not immune;  I just grab the conveniently packaged goop off the shelve like everyone else and smother my sensitive body in it but I’m done with it. This morning I used 4 products in the shower, then 5 when I got out, when you put it like that, putting that much on my body, I should really be focusing on what’s in those products.

I came across this blog post last night about the chemicals in cosmetics and it’s quite shocking. Also a post about how deodorant is a leading cause of breast cancer, I feel even more like I’ve been slowly killing myself for years now.

As part of simplifying my life, my main focuses are what go on and into my body, so skin care and fuel. Today is day 4 of my minimalist journey, which means I am supposed to be sorting through all my cosmetics but honestly I looked at them all this morning and had no idea where to start. I don’t buy a lot of cosmetics, I have a sort of one in one out policy, especially with make up so I don’t buy something new until something has finished but some how, through gifts and one off splurges, I’ve ended up with a giant hoard of stuff. Now I don’t just want to chuck all this stuff out because despite the amount of stuff I have had to wave off to the landfill this week (sorry, I will not buy stuff to just throw away a year later again, promise) I do care about the environment. So what are my options? Give them away and use them up.

I’ll make some friends happy and give them all the products I own a lot of or I don’t think I’ll get any use out of. Then the rest I will just carry on using until they run out at which point I will find a simple, natural and preferably homemade alternative and post details about what new natural products I end up trying. This is both extremely exciting because I’ve always striven to use very simple cosmetics and yet a bit daunting to have to change everything but it’ll be a fun change and for the best.

If you’re looking for a little push to make you question your consumer habits here’s a post I spotted on freshly pressed about if mall walls could talk, who and what our purchasing is effecting and the stories behind our products. It’s sums up my thoughts on the matter in a much better way than I could.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye chemicals | Transition into natural cosmetics.

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  3. I know exactly how you feel. In the evening I am shocked at how many products I use – eye make-up remover, cleansing milk, toner, face wash, hydrating cream, hand cream….eeek! Our grandmothers used water for all of that! 😉

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