New beginnings: Just do it

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So, I am officially a free woman for the summer; we celebrated our last exam yesterday with a trip to the beer garden and some magic tricks. During said trip we got talking about what our plans are for the summer and it got me thinking about my plans, or lack of. All I really knew for certain was that I wanted to make the most of the sunshine and write some blog posts but I woke up this morning with this lost feeling. My lack of plans stumped me, what do I do today? Is there anything I have to do? Well I could do that but there’s no time limit, I have all summer and so on. As human beings we can’t cope with not knowing what’s coming up. Some of of us like to think we are truly spontaneous but we all know if we have nothing to do and no routine, it’s hard to do more than sit on the couch. A strange phenomenon, but one I find myself often drawn to. It would seem the answer to this predicament would be just make a plan but I don’t think that is the answer. This time is a playground and I like to take one day at a time, so I feel like I should make the most of every single day separately instead of trying to plan the entire thing right now. My life keeps going even if my normal schedule doesn’t, I have to keep living.

This is the start of the rest of my life, right now. I felt like, when starting this post, that I had to explain everything, what I want to write about, what to expect, blah blah blah, but I realise it doesn’t matter, I don’t need to tell you because it’s coming. This is my new beginning and I just need to start, to just do it, to just write and just live.


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