Vital realisations

There’s a post that I really want to make right now, I have everything for it, I know what I want to do but the fact of the matter is I’m too lazy to write it, and I want to articulate it properly; but mostly lazy. Being lazy is my downfall. I’m not ‘lazy’ in the general sense; I love learning things and coming up with ideas and doing internal work, but when it comes to creating something tangible, I have to spend a lot of time mentally motivating myself. I don’t know why and it’s rather strange because I really enjoy doing stuff and going places and being creative but in the end the lazy part of me would rather mentally envision doing things and what they would be like, than actually do them.

The point I’m trying to make is I realise that is a negative trait of mine and I will likely always be a procrastinator and I‘m not perfect and never will be. I don’t know all the answers or have all the things and no body does and if you spend too long striving for something that will never exist you drive yourself mad. My laziness isn’t all bad, it’s made me a very good thinker and I could be in my head for hours coming up with ideas after ideas. I have this realisation now that nothing can ever be fully good or bad and if nothing can be good then nothing can be perfect. And not being perfect is what makes you you, if you and everyone else knew everything, we’d all be the same but some of the fun in life is just figuring out who you are and accepting your ‘flaws’. I can’t stress enough that you should just be who you are. I’m very introverted, I’m shit at social situations, I’ll never have a million friends but that’s me, it’s who I am and I love it. If people don’t, oh well there are 7 billion other people in the world.

Without being too mushy and sentimental, I’ve met someone recently who has changed my life, who just gets me, who lets me be me and has taught me more about myself than I thought was even there and it’s been so fun and mentally such an enlightening experience to figure out that I’m fine as I am, I don’t have to label myself or put myself in a box but there’s still room for change if I want there to be. I honestly feel like finding your true self is the starting point for true enlightenment and happiness.

Realise you are great, realise there’s no perfect and realise that in the grand scheme of things we are just tiny specs in this giant universe, there are so many things outside of ourselves, outside of the box and be happy.


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