Non-fiction book club: the start

A book club to me has always been this mum thing, where you get together have a few too many white wines and argue a bit and I love it because it screams ‘togetherness’. It’s something that unites people and you get a chance to fan girl at the same time. Although I fear book clubs are becoming a thing of the past; or maybe they are just something that exists in suburbia based TV shows. Either way, I think the book club needs reinventing, it needs dragging into the 21st century, which I think obviously means; online book club!

There are probably loads of other online book clubs out there already and I’m just not finding them but I thought due to the nature of this blog being about life and things of that sort, it would make sense for this book club to be non-fiction. Therefore I think it makes sense for this to be a monthly thing, since non-fiction books can take a little more time to read especially if highlighting and going back over interesting parts.

This months book is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I’ve already read the first part of this book and am really enjoying it so thought you guys might too, it’s about her real life but she has some very good life tips/hacks; I implemented the 1 minute rule into my life and it works wonders. I hope you enjoy this weeks book and I’ll review it at the beginning of March, feel free to leave your opinions about it on either this post or my coming review post. Hopefully this takes off well so if you have any suggestions of non-fiction books for us to read in the future, pop them in the comments below and it could be next months read.


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