100 Days of Positive Nice – Pt.1

It’s difficult to write this post as I expected more but I did some nice things and had some realisations. Firsty what did I do in the past 10 days, well I bought my mum a present ,just because, spread the word about some charities and signed some petitions and gave my hair to charity . You’re probably wondering why that last one was crossed out, well giving my hair to charity was the intention but it just didn’t work out. I got my hair cut earlier today and the plan was to keep the bulk of it together and give it away but when I was inspecting the hair is was just split ends all the way up (I’ve been pretty hard on my hair in the past, dying it a lot) so it just wasn’t worth it because it would have been no use, hopefully I’ll be able to do it in the future. I do wanna say if you are thinking of getting your hair cut off, look into donation. Make sure to fund raise as well, I didn’t realise until looking into it, how expensive good wigs are. So it’s great if people are willing to sponsor you to do it because I know I definitely wouldn’t have the money for a nice wig if anything ever happened to my hair.

photo (4)

So I did a few nice things this… we need a word for 10 days, but I was also just conscious of opportunities to be nice and was noticing what other people do to be nice. Observing people I did start to come to the conclusion that people generally aren’t very nice but then some people were exceedingly nice, so maybe we need more people to come into the grey area and just be polite and selfless a little bit more.

Writing this I realise there is not going to be much for me to talk about in these posts, so maybe, an idea I had was to promote here some really cool smaller charities and organisations that you don’t usually hear about and maybe talk about some current affairs and such. I’ll decide by next time. For now, have you done anything really nice recently or seen any great acts of kindness? Maybe I could feature some in the next post.


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